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Regain your life and live free... we will help you make you better

Freeing yourself from addiction and regaining the life that you really deserve is truly possible at Regain Recovery.

Our philosophy is simple but powerful. Our combination of individualised treatment and our unique therapy program puts Regain Recovery in a different class when it comes to treating disorders and addictions and enabling long-term recovery.

Our therapists and clinical staff have years of experience in providing cutting-edge ‘reality’ therapy and life-changing treatment. All delivered in a luxurious and completely private rural facility in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Devon. We offer full confidentiality and anonymity to all our clients. You will feel safe and secure and be treated as a person of worth deserves to be, with an excellent, healthy future to look forward to.

After a period of evaluation and assessment we will create an individualised and tailored program specific to you and your treatment needs. You will have a dedicated therapist who will work with you throughout your stay and your dedicated treatment mentor will work alongside you to ensure maximum benefit from your individualised therapy program. We will also provide a dedicated therapist for your family/partner/spouse who will support and work with them throughout your time with us.

We guarantee to:

  • Treat You, not just your addiction.
  • Create an individualised treatment program to meet Your specific needs, to enable sustained recovery.
  • Work closely with Your family to maximise your chances for recovery.
  • Meet You at your point of need and level of willingness to change.
  • Provide You with real life experiences, with outcomes to prepare you for your life in recovery.
  • Offer You total confidentiality and anonymity from the moment you join us.

Regain Recovery

Regain Recovery is totally committed to your recovery & future. We treat the person and addiction differently at Regain Recovery and we are confident we will help you make you better.